Our world is changing faster than ever

Today our technical landscape is changing faster than ever.  Historically, technology supported our day-to- day world and now technology is almost running our day to day.

You can now order shopping on-line, use chatbots to have your telephone disconnected at 10pm at night and talk to the whole family locally and internationally over Zoom. The fourth technical revolution is upon us and our ability to thrive will depend on how quickly we adapt and partner with new technologies. We are evolving every day where process automations, artificial intelligence and data driven decisions are becoming the norm.

Most people start their day with the intent to provide an amazing service or make a difference. However, as change is so rapid uncertainty is felt everywhere. Our mindsets may need to be adjusted, so we are willing to adapt and learn new skills and manage the constant change. New operating models will become continuous as digital disruptions change how we did business yesterday and how we will do business tomorrow.

Associate Professor Jo Codwell-Neilson from Deakin University suggests that by learning digital dexterity skills we will gain the confidence and creativity to manage the demands and challenges of thriving in an ever-changing digital world.

Here are four ways to thrive in a digital world

  • Celebrate the old way and the purpose it served.
  • Understand your feelings of uncertainty.
  • Become open to learning and adjusting.
  • Nurture your mindset to see opportunities in change.
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