Peta Marshall

Collaborator, Digital Change specialist and Founder

I founded PM Digital Partnerships to collaborate with you and take out the complexity of embedding the new digital way of working. You and your teams will thrive confidently as you modernise your operations and stay ahead of digital disruptions . Let us help you during your digital transformation.

Qualified Psychologist

I am qualified with a Bachelor of Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology. I am passionate about simplifying complexity in our constantly changing digital world.


In 2019 I co-authored the AI and Data Strategy book with Nigel and Rehka. I got to share my passion, ideas and experience on how to nurture team culture during your digital transformation.

Cross Industry Experience

I have 15+ years experience partnering with private and public organisations. I have experience with global teams through to sole traders. I have a proven fun and simple methodology used across various industries successfully delivering digital changes.